J Spence a.k.a. J.L. Slipak



Published Author, and Speaker in both fiction and non-fiction for adults and children; multiple newspaper and magazine publications, book reviewer (My Book Abyss), blogger (B-Fiction, Screaming Fiction, A Writer's Connection, Lingering Words). 


Published Author of the Supernatural Thriller Trilogy:  Echoes: Echoes of Darkness, Echoes of Madness, Echoes of Righteousness


Published Author of YA Fiction: The Light of Dark

Other YA Projects: The Receptacle


Author to Published Non-Fiction: Our World With Katie, The Tribute (Coffee Table Photo Book)


Upcoming Projects: Dial 911-Dead, Her Last Word, The Imposter, Unauthorized

Publisher and Author of Children's Books (Under J Spence): The Adventures of Iggy Squiggles Series: Iggy Presents: Johney Dishwater To The Rescue, Iggy Goes To The Ballet, Bullseye!, Eggactly For Iggy, The Forgotten Sandcastle Soldier, Iggy Presents: Johney Dishwater: Down The Drain! 


Other Children's Books: The Gemstone Series: The Emerald Crab


The Tail's Time Chronicles

Book One: Madra's Malice

Book Two: Asema's Revenge

Book Three: The Rat King's Return

Book Four: TBA

Book Five: TBA

Book Six: TBA


Standalones: Katie Crabapple Resides Here 


Science Fiction: Within, The Cleansing


Written By Jan Spence: The Nonsensical Book Series: The Nonsensical Christmas Story