Book  I,  of the Echoes' Series


Amanda is the only person who can save the children now; but, is she equal to the task? She wasn't twenty years ago, and to look at her now, it is doubtful she will succeed. Frail, blind, incredibly shy and totally distrustful of others, hardly hero material. However, she is all veteran FBI agents, Brad Nelson and Scott Marshall, have to stop the serial killer, the Shadow Man, whose M.O. strangely mirrors another killer's, a killer known only as Glory.  That killer hunted Houston's children twenty years earlier; and then, vanished without a trace.


Can Amanda survive the darkness that is surrounding her and is determined to destroy her?


Coming Soon: Book II, of the Echoes'  Series, Echoes of Madness.


Book II, of the Echoes' Series

Amanda is gone.  She vanished shortly after Michael had.  Scott is worried that she will never return. It's become very clear that things are definitely not what they seem and Scott finds himself looking over his shoulder.  A face in the crowd, a shadow moves, night closes in, there is more going on than just a serial killer's rampage.  If the Yarollgs were simply pawns in a larger game of wits, then who is really running the show? The balance has been tipped… now, the pieces must fall... and madness shall rise...  The armies of darkness will consume.

Coming Soon: Book III, of the Echoes' Series, Echoes of Righteousness


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What a ride! Freaky scary, and highly entertaining. Recommended read!

Delphine Steele


Thrilling in the extreme, Echoes of Darkness, is a definite page-flipper.

Wanda Pressley

What a creepy character! Couldn't put the book down. Made me experience a whirlwind of emotions.

Dave Scott

Echoes of Darkness Reviews

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